Clear & Brilliant(TM): The Laser That's "Just Right" for You!

Clear & Brilliant™:  The Laser That’s “Just Right” for You!

By Caroline Raftopol, PA-C

            Hey there, Goldilocks!  Still haven’t found a skin resurfacing treatment that is just right for you?

            At Cindy Hoffman Dermatology, we offer the Clear & Brilliant™ laser that takes the guesswork out of skin enhancement and rejuvenation for all skin types.  This technology offers “beauty pioneers” a chance to explore the world of resurfacing treatments beyond chemical peels and microdermabrasion, without the fear of commitment to other lasers which may be costlier and require downtime.  Who says you can’t have your porridge and eat it too?

            The Clear & Brilliant™ procedure is safe and effective, giving “cosmeti-nauts” the peace of mind to “boldy go” where they haven’t yet gone with their beauty routines.  This technology is indicated for the treatment of sallow, dull, or uneven complexions and improves the texture of your skin while reducing the appearance of visible pores.  It has two settings with various treatment levels that can be tailored to an individual’s skin type, readiness level, and desired outcome.  Patients may see rapid improvement in the appearance of their skin in as little as 3-6 treatments, all with little to NO DOWNTIME!

            The Clear & Brilliant™ procedure is performed by a trained, NYS licensed healthcare provider in the private and tranquil spa facility at our Carmel location, one of three conveniently located Cindy Hoffman Dermatology offices.  The treatment takes between 15-30 minutes, but may require light topical anesthetic prior to treatment, and so appointments will be booked per hour.  Please call Cindy Hoffman Dermatology to schedule a consultation with a provider.



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