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MelaFind®, Advanced Imaging and Analysis during Skin Exams, Now Available


Detecting melanoma with the human eye can be challenging. In an effort to offer our patients the most effective care, we are pleased to announce the incorporation of MelaFind® into our practice. MelaFind® is an FDA approved imaging device used during skin exams or mole checks to give your dermatologist additional information about an irregular mole.

MelaFind uses 10 wavelengths of light and advanced computer technology to let your dermatologist non-invasively obtain data and images of your irregular mole as deep as 2.5 mm where the naked eye can’t see. With the additional information MelaFind provides, it may help your dermatologist decide to biopsy a mole that may turn out to be cancerous. The information may also help your dermatologist determine if follow-up instead of biopsy is appropriate.

You may be a candidate for MelaFind® if you have any of the following risk factors:

·       Light eyes

·       Fair skin

·       Many irregular moles

·       UVA/UVB exposure from sun rays and  tanning beds

·       Sun damaged skin and/or blistering sun burn(s)

·       Previous melanoma or family history of melanoma

·       Breast cancer survivors and patients

·       Immunosuppressive therapy patients